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From me to you, Roger’s Fishing is all about how I can help you be a better fisherman or woman. Seeing your success is my great reward.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone like me who’s been fishing for decades, there is something for everybody.

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Beach Worming Masterclass 2.0 has just been released

It has been five years since Roger first published his book on Beach Worming and filmed his original Beach Worming Masterclass. 
Now, you have access to an entirely new version. The original course had three videos. The new course has 20 videos. In the new course,
Roger releases new techniques that will change the way you catch beach worms.

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Roger has become known for his fun, easy-going teaching style. If you want to take your fishing to the next level, immediate help is at hand by taking one of his online courses.

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Roger Osborne's proven approach to FINDING
Beach Worms!

How To Find Beach Worms. Detailed info on how to consistently find Beach Worms.



Catch tonnes of fish right off the beach using fresh beach worms! Subscribe to get more great beach fishing tips.


Long Distance Casting
( 4 Easy Keys ) How to DOUBLE ! Your Cast

These 4 Keys will show you how to make Long Distance Casting smooth and easy.


BEST BAITS for Beach Fishing - Complete Guide

Best beach fishing baits for Mulloway, Bream, Whiting, Flathead, Snapper, Trevally, Tailor, Salmon. How to rig them! These baits are time tested and are consistent catchers of quality fish.


Tides For Beach Fishing - WHICH TIDE IS BEST?

Tide specifics for beach fishing. High Tide vs Low Tide, what are the advantages. Tides influence two main things when it comes to beach fishing. The location of fish, and access to beach structure.


Roger Osborne's training programs have been proven to help people learn how to fish while having fun!

Beach Fishing Masterclass

Course Outline - Three weeks (15 videos)

Roger Osborne has taken a lifetime of beach fishing experience and developed a step-by-step teaching system that works for even the most inexperienced. 

To prove these methods can work for anyone, Roger shares this system 15-part training program over three weeks. 

To ensure the best training possible, he has employed a professional video producer to film each lesson. 


Beach Worming Masterclass

Beach worms have to be one of the best and most consistent baits for beach and estuary fishing.

Want to catch your own fresh beach worm bait but have no one to teach you exactly how to do it?

Allow me to impart the knowledge that I have learned from more than 40 years of catching beach worms!

For less than the cost of 30 beach worms - you can begin learning to be a beach wormer and have this wonderful skill for life!

Watch and learn as I show you everything I know about beach worming.


Roger's Fishing Membership

My fast track membership program is all about how I can help you to be a better fisherman or woman. Seeing your success is my great reward.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone like me who’s been fishing for decades, there is something for everybody.

As a part of this program you gain access to both of my paid programs:

1. Beach Worming Masterclass

2. Beach Fishing Masterclass


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