Roger Osborne's New Online Fishing Community


Welcome to the first step in the launch of Australia’s newest Online Fishing Community.

Hi, I’m Roger Osborne,

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone like me who’s been fishing for decades, there is something for everybody.

Roger’s fishing is a complete online fishing community that includes;

  • Step by step fishing courses on popular subjects
  • A huge resource of teaching and instructional videos
  • Regular online Zoom sessions where all of your fishing questions are answered. I will speak to you live online and answer your fishing questions.
  • You get to join a community of like-minded anglers willing to share their knowledge
  • You get the chance to share your success with a group of people keen to support each other as they learn the art of fishing.
  • To make sure you get the best value from our community I will be sharing money-saving tips and cheat sheets

But before we launch the community I want to know your thoughts on how I can help you.

So I would like to get your feedback so I can build the best online fishing community in Australia.

Thanks for participating!

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Tell us what you would like to see in our new online fishing community.

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