How I landed my first 3 kilo fish...

and then caught a further four fish the following night, thanks to two days of Roger Osborne's training.

You can learn the secrets to catching fish when you sign up for Roger Osborne's "Beach Fishing Masterclass".

Hello, my name is Ken. I am a fifty-plus angler who has spent more money on tackle, fishing magazines and training DVDs, and still, I was struggling to catch a small fish, let alone something even close to being legal-sized.

If you relate to any of the following, you need to read this page before you waste another frustrating session catching NO fish:

  • I have stopped telling my wife that I was coming home with a feed. I only had to mention the word fishing trip, and my kids would laugh out loud, "Dad, don't bother, head to the supermarket for a real catch or should we get out the fish-fingers for dinner."
  • I have wandered through the multiple mazes that make up a tackle store, looking for that elusive piece of gear that will land me a catch. Thinking I have finally found the right equipment, I have handed over my money, dreaming of catching even one fish, let alone a decent feed, only to come home empty-handed once again.
  •  I would finally catch a baby bream that was no larger than the prawns I was using for bait. Then I would suffer the embarrassment of watching the guy standing next to me land a decent-sized flathead with a lure that he said changed his fishing life forever. Not to be outdone, I would arrive back at the same wharf a few days later, having purchased the suggested lure for nearly $40.00, only to find my only cast saw my lure getting stuck and breaking off after several attempts at retrieval.

I was thinking that there must be a set of secrets to catching fish. So I spent countless nights watching YouTube videos by fishing experts. Each video had a catchy title like: "How to Catch A Bream In One-Session" or "The Best Rig For Catching Flathead", only to find the expert filmed themselves pulling in countless fish but did not bother to share how they landed each catch.

There has to be a better way, and then when I least expected, I finally found the answer. Better still, it's now available to you right now!

One Friday night, two years ago, my mate Fred had heard that beachworms were the key to catching fish. So over a glass of wine, we both headed to YouTube and came across Roger Osborne's YouTube channel. We discovered the answers we were looking for, and thanks to my reaching out to Roger, those answers to catching fish are now available for you.

Roger Osborne's YouTube channel is some of the best teachings I have seen, no wonder he has over 21,300 YouTube subscribers.

Fred went home that night, sharing with me that he had never learned so much about fishing, "Did you notice in each video, Roger wasn't focused on showing us how good he was but purely focused on breaking down the steps to catching fish in a simple format. His videos are great – no wonder people watch them. What's more, the comments he gets are fantastic."

Having worked in the media, I know first-hand how hard it is to produce high-quality videos, so I sent an email to Roger thanking him for the videos. I felt he deserved praise because his videos were the first ones I had watched, where I walked away, feeling I had learnt something that I could go out and apply.

It was only a week later that Roger contacted me to thank me for my feedback. His call came out of the blue, and the more we chatted, it was apparent that Roger wanted to help beginners like me. Roger knew he had the knowledge but wanted help getting that knowledge out to anglers.

"Ken, the number of times I have been beach fishing and have watched frustrated guys trying to get their cast out past the surf. You can tell they haven't got a clue what they are doing. What's worse, the sheer frustration on their face having spent hundred's of dollars to leave empty-handed is disheartening."

That conversation two years ago led to this course.

Roger asked me to help him create a learning process that would enable frustrated beginners like me to gain the teaching necessary to catch a decent-sized fish.

Over one weekend, I joined Roger and with his tuition, I went from a frustrated beginner to going home with the knowledge and understanding you need to catch fish off the beach.

For the first time in my life, I went home at the end of that weekend with three kilos of filleted fish. 

My friends at first did not believe that I had caught anything, but then they watched some of the video footage of me landing one fish after another. They know how bad a fisherman I used to be.

As one mate said to me, "If Roger can teach you to fish, he can teach anyone!"

That footage has been edited together in a step-by-step process so that you can learn what Roger Osborne taught me over two days of intense training.

The reason this course works is Roger designed it for a complete novice - that's me. And over two days you get to see Roger correct the mistakes I was making that you will find others making off wharves and beaches all over Australia. There is no other course like this!

Introducing Roger Osborne's...

Beach Fishing Masterclass 

Why the "Beach Fishing Masterclass" will help any frustrated beginner

The challenge was to take a complete beginner (that definitely describes me) and teach them how to catch several decent-sized fish in one weekend.

And so over two days, filming every moment, Roger taught this middle-aged, overweight novice and sent home a fisherman with five decent sized fish as trophies.

To give you an idea of how bad I was at casting, have a laugh at my first attempt on video before Roger started teaching me


Here I am 3 days later, landing my first 3-kilo fish.
I am proof that learning to fish with Roger works

I drove six hours to Roger's home on the South Coast of NSW, and over two days, Roger and I were followed around by a film crew as Roger taught me the basics.

In the first two hours of our first session, I made every mistake only a beginner can make, while Roger landed five fish. He makes it look so simple.

But even though I was suffering immense embarrassment, which was being filmed in detail, Roger did not give up on me. In the past, Roger had taught many beginners how to catch a fish in their first session, so he knew he could teach me. His encouragement and patience were tremendous.

With the camera rolling, Roger repeatedly corrected my mistakes. Eventually, the teaching came together. 

FINALLY SUCCESS - on a cold, windy beach, I felt like I just won the lottery when I landed my first big fish weighing in at 3 kilos! Before Roger's teaching, I went home most nights empty-handed.

Over the next two days, I asked every question a beginner would ask. Not only did we get my questions on film, but Roger painstakingly showed me what I was doing wrong and then, handing me a rod walked me through step-by-step the right approach.

In this comprehensive online course, "Beach Fishing Masterclass", nothing has been left out.

This course can be purchased outright as a standalone resource. But by joining Roger's - Fast Track to Fishing Membership program, you will receive access to this course as well as the "Beach Worming Masterclass".

That is a combined saving of $208.00 when you join your first month of Roger's membership program.

In this online course, "Beach Fishing Masterclass", you will see me make multiple mistakes. Still, instead of experiencing the embarrassment of learning for yourself, you will have the advantage of watching how to do it correctly the first time.

For example, no sooner I got home from filming with Roger, I called over a couple of mates to chat about what I had learned. One of my friends, Fred, responded, "I had no idea that that was the way you knew whether you had a bite or not. No wonder I haven't caught a fish down at the beach."

Put it this way. Roger has given a disheartened beginner the basic skills necessary to catch a feed. And putting aside my immense embarrassment, you will gain the knowledge and understanding I wish I had known many years ago.

What's more, Roger shows you in the training sessions what gear you need. Since those lessons, I have gone through my tackle and have realised how much money I have wasted buying tackle unsuitable for the fish or location I am targeting.

To help you out, Roger has also created a series of cheat sheets that break down each step he teaches so you can take this knowledge with you when you head out for a session of catching fish.

What I learned from Roger Osborne is now available so that you stand a better chance of catching a feed.

Course Outline - Three weeks (15 videos)

Roger has taken a lifetime of beach fishing experience and developed a step-by-step teaching system that works for even the most inexperienced. To prove these methods can work for anyone, Roger shares this system 15-part training program over three weeks. To ensure the best training possible, he has employed a professional video producer to film each lesson. 

Week One - Your Fishing Foundations

1 - Planning Your Fishing Trip

Like you, I am motivated to go fishing but I also don’t like to waste time pushing the limits in bad weather.

In this first module, you will learn how to read the forecast so that you can prepare yourself for the best result!

2 - Rod & Reel Setup

Spending a fortune on a new fishing outfit does not guarantee you a great catch. In this module, I will show you a set of fishing gear that is affordable while deadly at catching a great feed of fish. 

3 - Spooling Your Fishing Reel

If you put into practice this simple system you will never struggle again adding a new spool of fishing line to your reel.

4 - Standard Gear List

It's the little things that count. Never find yourself at the beach without the right fishing gear and the accessories you need to make your fishing trip a success.

In this module, Roger shows you how to prepare yourself so that you are never caught out by leaving a key piece of gear at home.

5 - Choosing Your Location

Stop wasting valuable fishing time standing in the wrong spot where the fish are not biting.

In this module, Roger reveals the secret to reading a beach and putting yourself in the right spot at the right time

Week Two - How To Start Catching

6 - Tides for Beach Fishing

In this module, I discuss the pros and cons of how tides impact beach fishing.

There are distinct advantages to fishing at both Low and High Tide. When I plan to go fishing there are several factors that influence my decision.

7 - How To Read A Beach

Like people, not all beaches are the same. In this module, we examine the different types of beach structures and how to fish them. Many an angler goes to a beach expecting to catch his favourite species but depending on the elements he may be fishing in the wrong area.

8 - Simple Easy Knot

There are numerous books written on knot selection. This module will save you a heap of time as Roger shows you how to tie a knot that he has used for years.

9 - Simple Winning Bait Selection

In this module, I show you baits that are very effective and readily available. You will also learn exactly how to rig them for success.

10 - Casting Step-By-Step

Nothing more frustrating than wanting to cast and finding your line in the wrong place.
In this module, Roger shows you basic casting tips that will help you to enjoy your casting and increase your distance and accuracy. Being able to cast well gives you great satisfaction, improves your fishing experience, and increases your catch.

Week Three - Your Rewards

11 - Wave Action or Bite?

How can you tell the difference? Beach fishing is not like fishing in a river or lake where the water is still (except for tidal current). There are several things that impact your fishing experience. Many an angler thought they had a bite, but it was the wave having fun with their line. By the time you have completed this module, you will know the difference so that you are ready to strike.

12 - Landing a Fish in the Surf.

This module is specifically about landing a fish when you get the fish near the shore in the wave zone, often called the shore dump. Many fish are lost on the beach during this part of the fight. It requires skill to land a fish in the surf and certainly a big fish.

13 - Adjusting the drag on your reel

This module is a basic introduction to fishing reel drag use. The Drag is a mechanism on your fishing reel that enables you to adjust the rate(pressure) at which line is pulled from your fishing reel when the spool is closed.

14 - How To Fillet A Fish

For most of the fish that I catch, I don't scale or remove the guts because I just rip the fillets straight off! I like to keep things simple and do away with any unnecessary steps. But if you have never fileted a fish and want to walk away with a decent meal, this is the module for you!

15 - Cooking your fish

Roger Osborne is not only a successful fisherman, but he is also an acclaimed chef having run his own catering business for decades. In this module, Roger takes you into the kitchen and shares with you his most prized fish recipe. This module marks the end of a journey that will have you catching fish for decades to come if you implement each of Roger's techniques!

All The Tools You Need To Start Beach Fishing

Included with this three-week, 15 part video series course is a set of PDF cheat sheets. These guides will help you make the most of each fishing trip!

Start beach fishing today with Roger Osborne's...

Beach Fishing Masterclass

Roger is so confident that you are going to love the training that if in the next 90 days for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, he will immediately refund the entire cost - No questions asked!

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