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Have you ever asked yourself, "Why do some fisherman come home with a feed of fish, while others spend hundreds of dollars at the tackle store buying the latest rod, reels, lures and fishing gadgets only to come home empty-handed?"

Do you suffer the following when fishing?

  • You have all the fishing gear, but still, catch nothing!
  • You have heaps of expensive lures, but ​they don't work!
  • You see your mates catching fish, but you can't! 

Don't give up. This page will provide you a process that will make all the difference to your fishing?

There's one thing, successful fishermen never want you to know, it's their "Secret Recipe To Catching Fish"

If you're like many others, you've spent loads of money buying lures that didn't help you catch a single lousy fish.

You kick yourself for being so stupid. You knew when you were watching that YouTube video, promising that this lure would catch you a feed, that the sales pitch was too good to be true.

But just like the last time, you rushed off to the tackle store., handed over your cash, only to find out that after another long session of catching nothing, you are left wondering why others can catch fish, but you can't.

But as you stand there on the beach, watching another fellow catching one fish after another. You ask yourself, "Why is he catching fish when you are catching no more than a cold?

Finally, you summon the courage to ask the bloke next to you his secret for catching fish.

That bloke's name is Roger Osborne. For the past 40 years, Roger had perfected the art of catching fish by applying a secret recipe his father taught him when he was only a boy. I'll let Roger tell the story...

"When I was ten years old, my father Bryan began to take me down to the beach. My Dad was taught to catch fish off the beach by a mate of his named Sonny Swan," said Roger. 

"Dad's mate Sonny had shared with him a secret recipe for catching fish that has made all the difference. 

"Dad never needed to fish with lures. Sonny had shown him how to fish with the ultimate bait. That's right, the simple beach worm.

"Years later, often when I would go fishing, strangers fishing near me would ask me why I was catching so many fish. 

"Even my mates were amazed at the results I was getting with my secret fishing recipe of adding a humble beach worm to my hook.

"What people don't realise is that many fish love live beach worms. It is in their DNA to head for a beach worm when looking for a feed.

"The real challenge is how you catch the beach worm. Which is what you need to know if you want to come home with a feed of fish."

You can now join a group of fishermen across Australia who have found the secret to catching beach worms

 Three of Roger's online fishing community members recently appeared on camera to share how
"The Beach Fishing Masterclass" has provided them with a FREE, consistent source of Fresh Quality Beach Worms.


John Stokes, a resident of the Gold Coast, QLD, has shared a remarkable story of personal growth and skill development within the Rogers Fishing community. His journey from a casual fisherman to a beach worming enthusiast highlights the impact of engaging educational resources and a supportive community.

"I've been part of the Rogers Fishing community for some time now," Stokes began, detailing his transformative experience. "My experience with this membership has been nothing short of transformative." This sentiment sets the tone for his journey, which begins with a simple curiosity about catching beach worms.

Before discovering Rogers Fishing, Stokes recalled, "I was a casual fisherman curious about catching beach worms. I'd seen many people catching beach worms and wondered how they did it." His curiosity led him to YouTube, where he stumbled upon Roger's fishing videos. It was here that Stokes's journey took a significant turn.

"His videos on teaching beach worming caught my attention more than any other videos on YouTube," Stokes expressed. The comprehensive and easy-to-understand tutorials offered by Rogers Fishing resonated with him. This educational approach was pivotal in his journey. "In fact, after watching the videos and practising the techniques Roger taught, I found myself catching beach worms," he shared, marking his initial success.

Keen to delve deeper, Stokes didn't stop there. "I took it a step further, and I completed his Beach Worming Master Class and read the book Roger published on the subject that came with the course," he explained. This additional commitment to learning enhanced his skills and confidence in beach worming.

Stokes found that the resources provided by Rogers Fishing were instrumental in elevating his skills. "It's something I practice all the time now, and today, I can comfortably locate and catch beach worms whenever I need to," he proudly stated. His newfound passion even surpassed his initial interest in fishing. "I probably enjoy beach worming more than fishing," he admitted.

Stokes's journey culminates in a heartfelt recommendation for Rogers Fishing, particularly for those interested in beach and estuary fishing. "So, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rogers Fishing and its resources - especially Roger's beach and estuary fishing course. It's been truly unique," he concluded. His story is a testament to the power of targeted learning and the importance of a supportive community in mastering a new skill.

Stokes expressed his gratitude in closing: "So thank you, Roger and all the members I have met in the Rogers Fishing community." His journey from a curious observer to a skilled practitioner is a personal success story and a beacon of inspiration for others looking to embark on a similar path in the world of fishing and beach worming.


William Saxton, a resident of Sydney's Northern beaches, has recently shared his enlightening journey into the world of beach fishing, emphasizing the significance of mastering the art of catching beach worms. His experience with Roger's Fishing Masterclass underscores the value of comprehensive learning resources for fishing enthusiasts.

Saxton began his story with a simple yet compelling statement, "I knew from experience that beach worms were great bait, but I had no idea how to catch them." This initial challenge led him to discover Rogers Fishing's website, where his journey towards becoming a proficient beach worm catcher began.

Joining the Rogers Fishing membership site was a turning point for Saxton. "Then, I got access to Rogers Beach Fishing Master Class," he explained. The Masterclass offered a blend of practical videos and a downloadable PDF book, a combination Saxton found particularly beneficial. "The videos are very practical, very down to earth, and not pretentious," Saxton observed, appreciating their straightforward and accessible nature.

Saxton highlighted the convenience of the video tutorials: "And because they're on video, I can stop and pause them and go back and replay them, which I found particularly helpful." This feature allowed him to revisit complex concepts and techniques at his own pace. Additionally, the accompanying book was a valuable reference, reinforcing the lessons from the videos.

Despite the availability of these resources, Saxton's journey was not without its challenges. "It initially took me ages to catch a worm," he confessed. However, his persistence paid off. "But then I started catching worms, which was pretty exciting," he shared, reflecting on his gradual improvement.

Saxton's learning curve involved understanding various stages in the process, from preparing bait to extracting the worms without scaring them away or causing them to slip. "All these various techniques, which I still find pretty hard," he admitted, acknowledging his ongoing challenges.

Despite these difficulties, Saxton remained enthusiastic and committed to his pursuit, crediting Roger's videos and book for their significant help. "I'm just going to keep persisting," he asserted, emphasizing the value of having such instructional resources readily available for review.

Concluding his story, Saxton offered a hearty recommendation for Roger's Beach Worming Masterclass course. "So I thoroughly recommend it," he declared, advocating for anyone interested in catching their bait and having live beach worms, which he noted are incredibly effective for catching a range of fish species.

William Saxton's journey, marked by initial struggles, learning, and gradual success, serves as an inspiring narrative for aspiring beach worm catchers and fishing enthusiasts. His experience highlights the transformative power of dedicated learning and the importance of perseverance in mastering a new skill.


Steve McDonald, a seasoned fisherman from Colloroy, NSW, who has dedicated his life to the sport, recently recounted his transformative experience in mastering beach worming, a crucial component of his fishing adventures. His path to proficiency, initially fraught with challenges, was significantly bolstered by the educational materials found in Roger's Beach Worming Course.

Embarking on his beach worming journey two decades ago, Steve faced a steep learning curve. "It took me a long time to catch my first worm. It's a lot of hard work and perseverance," he shared, reflecting on the early days of his endeavor. The initial stage was characterized by uncertainty and frustration. "I wasn't perfectly sure what I was doing. I got little tips from some people, but it took a lot of perseverance, frustration, and swearing," Steve described, illustrating the early obstacles he faced.

Despite these difficulties, the rewards of successfully catching worms kept him motivated. "The rewards that were there when you got the worms definitely helped me catch fish," he noted, emphasizing the practical benefits of his efforts. Steve particularly highlighted the effectiveness of beach worms in catching whiting, a sought-after species among anglers.

Seeking to enhance his skills, Steve discovered Roger's Beach Worming videos and course. "It was the best thing I found at the time that went through step by step how to catch the worms and what the technique was," he said. Roger's comprehensive approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical demonstrations, resonated with Steve.

Steve acknowledged that even with Roger's guidance, mastering beach worming required continued effort and dedication. "It still took work, but I knew I had the confidence that it would yield results if I continued," he remarked. This confidence, bolstered by Roger's teachings, led to a significant improvement in his worming skills.

Today, Steve experiences more consistent success. "You still have good and bad days, but with Rogers teaching, you have a lot more good days," he shared. His story highlights the impact of quality instruction and the importance of perseverance in mastering a skill as nuanced as beach worming.

Steve's parting advice to aspiring beach wormers and fishermen is both clear and encouraging: "So if you want to improve your beach worming and you're willing to put in the time, use a good technique, use Roger's technique, use Roger's teaching, use Rogers videos, and you'll get a better result! Good luck with your worming! Good luck with your fishing.”

Steve's journey serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to improve their skills in beach worming. It underscores the value of expert guidance and the importance of commitment and patience in mastering any craft.


"Your course is money well spent!"

"Roger, Just a quick note to say thanks. I am a very happy student and just wanted to say thank you!
I have caught beach worms with some success all my life; I am now 68. Over the past four years, I have inherited my father's shaky hands, rendering my worming method useless; I would scare the crap out of any worm that I got close to.After watching your YouTube videos, I finally purchased your Beach Worming Course.

I watched your course video several times, then tried it and caught two worms. Good for a first attempt. I came home, watched your video lesson again and found where I needed to improve.

I went to Stockton Beach this morning and managed 15 out of 30 attempts. 50% will do me for a second try. Four years wormless and now catching again, proving that you can always learn!"

Noel Gain,  January, 2024 

"Love the way you present your videos."

"Love the way you present your video. The Masterclass on Beachworming is plain and simple, easy to understand. If you are new to beachworming I recommend watching the videos."

John Dudley,  3rd January, 2024 

Can anyone learn to catch a beach worm?

Anyone, regardless of age, can master catching beach worms. All it takes is the correct knowledge and technique.

However, the harsh reality is that many enthusiastic individuals spend hours on the beach only to leave empty-handed. This common frustration stems from a partial understanding of the true art of beach worming.

Beach worming isn't just a skill; it's a form of art that demands finesse and a keen eye for detail. The most adept beach wormers operate on instinct, seamlessly blending numerous subtle techniques.

A structured, step-by-step learning approach is essential to excel in this craft. This is precisely why Roger established "The Beach Worming Masterclass." Driven by a genuine passion for empowering others, Roger aimed to create a platform offering foolproof, high-quality guidance that ensures success every time you visit the beach.

Roger's extensive research highlighted a significant gap in existing resources. He found that while there are numerous YouTube videos and fishing books, they often miss crucial information vital to mastering beach worming.

Motivated by the encouragement of numerous fishing comrades he has aided, Roger decided to formalize his extensive knowledge. His goal? To enable anglers across Australia to enjoy the thrill of catching beach worms and significantly enhance their fishing experiences with this newfound skill.

Join the community at and transform your fishing journey today!

Roger's beach worming approach has proven popular with families looking for some simple fun

Just recently, Roger had it confirmed that it is possible to teach anybody how to catch beach worms, even a teenager.

Roger took a phone call from Matt Potter, who not only wanted to learn how to catch worms but wanted his teenage daughters to learn as well.

Not sure how the challenge would go, Roger agreed to meet with Matt and his daughters at a local beach.

"At first, I was hesitant. Teenagers at the best of times can have short attention spans, so I knew I had to teach them quickly before they became bored," said Roger.

"In a matter of minutes, Matt's daughter caught her first worm. Matt and his daughter were high-fiving each other.

"It was really exciting. To see the smiles on their faces, it makes teaching beaching worming rewarding. 

"It made me realise that day how much fun you can have beach worming.

"It also confirmed that I need to make these lessons available to people I couldn't teach in person."

Introducing Roger Osborne's...


This Online 20-part Video Course will give you a simple process proven to help the average angler catch beach worms while saving money!


Imagine unlocking the secrets to an endless supply of the most effective bait for beach and estuary fishing adventures – beach worms. These natural wonders are not just bait but your ticket to a successful fishing experience.

Ever wished you could effortlessly catch fresh beach worm bait but felt held back due to a lack of guidance? Here's your chance!

I'm thrilled to offer you the distilled wisdom from over 40 years of mastering the art of beach worming. This isn't just a skill; it's a game-changer for any fishing enthusiast.

For a nominal investment, less than what you'd pay for 30 beach worms, you can embark on a journey to acquire a lifelong skill in beach worming. This is an opportunity to save substantially and elevate your fishing game.

Join me in an engaging and comprehensive guide where I reveal every trick and tip in my beach worming arsenal.

Consider these eye-opening facts:

  • A single small frozen worm can set you back $6.00.
  • A batch of 40 beach worms often costs upwards of $240.
  • Fresh worms are proven to be three times more effective than frozen ones.
  • By mastering beach worming, you could save hundreds of dollars each year and significantly boost your fishing haul.

Once you start catching Beach Worms, your chances of catching these fish have improved




Beach Worming MasterClass

20-part Video Course Outline

Roger has spent over six months developing his E-Book with the course and countless hours filming each lesson at various beaches. ​He has employed a professional video producer to film each lesson to ensure the best training possible. Roger even had students film catching beamworms for the first time, so you will know his teaching methods work.


VIDEO 1 - What are beach worms?

  • Scientific name - Australonuphis Teres, can grow to 3m long and 1.5cm in width
  • They are large marine worms that live in the sand near the water's edge at the beach
  • They possess fangs to bite and tear off chunks of food.
  • Their fangs are not sharp enough to penetrate human flesh.
  • Beach Worms are a natural source of food for many species of fish.
  • Beach Worms are very strong and have hundreds of legs.
  • There are two main varieties of Beach Worms. They are both blind and operate by smell and touch.

VIDEO 2 - Location and Terrain

  • Not all beaches are the same - fine sand through to course with rocks and shells.
  • Not all beaches have an abundance of worms. Worm populations vary from beach to beach.
  • The only way to find out is to test beaches a few times.
  • Wave action is critical to catching beach worms as the water movement disperses the scent of food for the worms.
  • Exposed ocean beaches are the most suitable for beach worming.

VIDEO 3 - Time & Tide

  • An hour or so on either side of Low Tide is the best time to catch beach worms.
  • The greatest concentration of worms is lower down the beach in the area of sand, which is usually under water at high tide.
  • Tides vary in height based on the moon phase - give examples. The really low tides are great because you can reach areas of inaccessible worms.

VIDEO 4 - Diet of a Beach Worm

  • Beach Worms feed on dead fish, and birds washed up on the beach.
  • The smell of decaying flesh attracts worms.
  • Beach Worms have two fangs, which they use to rip small pieces of flesh from dead animals.
  • Worms also feed on seaweed, perhaps when little other food is around.
  • When worms are full of weeds, they are often uninterested in your bait and are difficult to catch.

VIDEO 5 - Beach Worm Behaviour

  • Beach Worms are sensitive to sudden movement. It is virtually impossible to see a beach worm and grab it.
  • Beach Worms are fast.
  • They are sensitive to human touch.
  • Heavy footsteps will scare them.
  • Once you have scared a worm, it will not return.
  • Beach Worms are used to the feeling of sand.
  • Beach Worms are used to wave action and their food moving
  • They will only bite their food briefly before retreating into the sand.

VIDEO 6 - Beach Worms as bait

  • Beach Worms are one of the finest baits for beach fishing.
  • They are excellent bait in rivers and lakes.
  • Beach Worms are attractive to a wide variety of popular fish species.
  • Possessing the ability to catch worms provides top bait at a low cost.
  • They are excellent bait, fresh or frozen.

VIDEO 7 - Choosing the right place

  • Beaches vary in sand composition. Some beaches have very coarse sand, others medium-grained sand, and others super fine rock-hard sand.
  • Beach worms seem to prefer beaches with medium to light sand structures. Some beaches have very coarse sand mingled with shells and rocks; these are generally not good for worming.
  • Beaches have different features - Flat, steep, and curved.
  • The best place to worm is where the sand has a gentle or almost flat slope into the water. I call it looking for where the best flats are. Explain why!
  • It is important to note that beach structures can change very quickly.
  • You need to try different beaches to find good concentrations of beach worms.

VIDEO 8 - How to Attract Worms

  • Walk down the beach to where the waves can wash up and reach around your feet. Explain.
  • When a wave washes up, swing your bait from left to right in a large arc.
  • The aim is to spread the scent of your bait over the most extensive area to attract any worms that may be there.
  • Repeat the process until you see some worms.

VIDEO 9 - How To Sight a Beach Worm

  • As the water rushes back carrying the scent of your bait, any hungry worms in your path will stick their heads up out of the sand in search of food.
  • How do you see them? Explain
  • A worm will only keep its head up for a few seconds
  • Make a mental note of where the worm is and move to your catching position.

VIDEO 10 - Positioning

  • Beach Position - Explain
  • Body Position - Explain - the legs' distance apart & position of the worm and why.
  • Left-handed VS Right-handed

VIDEO 11 - Wave Action and Timing

  • Stand and wait for the next wave to wash up past your feet. Often, you have to wait for several waves to pass before you get your opportunity.
  • You need enough time between waves to catch a worm.
  • Keep your eyes on the waves to pick the right time - Explain

VIDEO 12 - Presenting Your Bait 

  • Stand and wait for the next wave to wash up past your feet. Often, you have to wait for several waves to pass before you get your opportunity.
  • You need enough time between waves to catch a worm.
  • Keep your eyes on the waves to pick the right time - Explain.

VIDEO 13 - A Short Moment to Strike!

  • You need to move quickly.
  • No steamrolling, please!
  • Be quick, but don’t hit the worm with your bait.
  • Only a short time before the next wave hits
  • Move your bait to increase the time

VIDEO 14 - Finger Grip & Catching Technique

  • You need to move quickly.
  • No steamrolling, please!
  • Be quick, but don’t hit the worm with your bait.
  • Only a short time before the next wave hits
  • Move your bait to increase the time

VIDEO 15 - The Mistakes Most People Make

  • Too much-running water
  • Waving the bait on top of the worm
  • Too slow to the worm
  • Too heavy-handed - steamrolling
  • Bait not close enough to the worm
  • Too slow to get in position - Remember, only a short time to act!
  • Pulling the worm before actually grabbed

VIDEO 16 - Beach Worms as fishing bait

  • Beach Worms are one of the finest baits for beach fishing.
  • They are excellent bait in rivers and lakes.
  • Beach Worms are attractive to a wide variety of popular fish species.
  • Possessing the ability to catch worms provides top bait at a low cost.
  • They are excellent bait, fresh or frozen.

VIDEO 17 - Pliers Verses Fingers 

  • Pliers Are:
    ● Easier - Less time, grab worm directly
    ● Can damage worm or chop its head off
    ● Cost money and can be lost or forgotten

    Fingers Are;
    ● Free and always with you
    ● Do not damage the worm
    ● Worms live longer


VIDEO 18 - Storing Your Valuable Beach Worms

  • Damp sand - will live for two days in a cool spot
  • Salted and frozen
  • Dipped in Metho and red food colouring 80% Metho & 20% salt water - Dry and freeze 

VIDEO 19 - Bonus Video 1

In this first bonus video, I'll show you a unique technique that involves using your body scent to attract and catch beach worms. Yes, you heard it right! You can entice these wily creatures without any bait. I'll guide you through the steps and strategies to make this approach work effectively. It's a fascinating concept that adds a new dimension to your beach worming repertoire.

VIDEO 20 - Bonus Video 2

Beach worms are amazing bait whether you're off the beach or in a lake or a river, so in this video, I will give you some handy basic tactics for catching beautiful fish in your local lake or river using beach worms

How has Roger's Beach Worming MasterClass improved the success anglers are having?

"I purchased Rogers beach worming masterclass video training series. I now catch beach worms using the same method as described by Roger. My success catch rate went from 10 percent to around 85-90 percent! I followed the principles in the video series many thanks to Roger."...

Gary Woolfe,  Albury  NSW - January 2020

Your Special Bonus 

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With his unparalleled 40 years of beach worming expertise, Roger has meticulously crafted a 50-page guide, transforming this complex art into an accessible, step-by-step process anyone can follow. This isn't just a book; it's a masterclass in beach worming.

Throughout his journey, Roger has successfully coached countless individuals, including his own wife, in the fine art of beach worming. His experience has made him acutely aware of the common frustrations and challenges many face, including seasoned fishermen who yearn to master this elusive skill.

Beach worming is not a simple task you can accomplish on a whim. It's not about strolling down to the beach and hoping for success. It requires a blend of specific knowledge and practised skills, which Roger has mastered over decades.

Roger's motivation to pen this guide stems from a deep-rooted passion for fishing and a desire to share the joy and satisfaction of catching beach worms with fellow anglers. He believes that anyone can become proficient in beach worming with the right mentorship.

This book is designed to be thorough and clear, covering every aspect of the process. Even if some parts seem straightforward, Roger emphasizes these details to ensure you grasp every crucial element of this fine art.

Embrace this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert. With Roger's guidance, you can unlock the secrets of successful beach worming and elevate your fishing experience. This guide isn't just about catching worms; it's about mastering a skill that will enhance every fishing adventure.

"Roger, I love your videos and instructions!"

"Hi Roger 👋I love your videos & instructions. Today I bought your beach worm masterclass and watched all videos with great enjoyment.Thanking you again - Ted & Rosie Nomads travelling our Great Southern Land

Ted & Rosie,  January 2024 

Let's summarise what you will gain from the 
20-part Beach Worming MasterClass Video Series

  • VIDEO TRAINING - A 20-part video training series covering all of the information in my book and showing you exactly what I do and why.
  • E-BOOK - "How To Catch Australian Beach Worms" Fifty (50) pages of training gleaned from over 40 years of catching beach worms, including step-by-step instruction covering every aspect of beach worming with quality images showing key points.
  • SUPPORT - Contact me by email with any questions that you may have. I am happy to help.
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If in the next 90 days for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied that my training can lead you to be a successful beach wormer, I will immediately refund the entire cost - No questions asked!

Is Roger's Beach Worming MasterClass
easy to follow and understand?

"Thanks roger for the beach worming master class very easy to
follow and informative i am looking forward to trying to catch
them myself when i get the opportunity cheers tony jennar."...

Tony Jennar,  November 2021, (Member of Roger's Fishing Membership)

$129.00 - Lifetime Access

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Become a beach wormer yourself with Roger Osborne's at-home study program

  • Start catching your own amazing bait for Sand Whiting, Bream, Salmon, Mulloway and many other prized fish species.
  • Quickly become a successful beach wormer

"Roger, you are a wonderful teacher!"

"Hi Roger, Brilliant and very informative. Every aspect of the
technique is explained here, you are a wonderful teacher!
Again I want to congratulate you on this Masterclass. A class
taught by a true Master! Big thanks!"...

Janice Ratcliffe,  January 2024 (Member of Roger's Fishing Membership)