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If you agree with the following statements you're in the right place...

I've stopped telling my mates, I'm going fishing.

I only had to mention the word fishing trip, and my kids would laugh out loud. "Dad, don't bother, head to the supermarket for a real catch." Ask my mates and they will tell you I'm more likely to catch a cold. I need someone to show me what to do, but who?

I'm not sure what tackle I need to buy or how to even use it

I'm fed up buying fishing gear that sits at the bottom of my tackle bag. As my tackle piles up it's like sorting through a tangled reel trying to get all this gear to work. I need someone to show me what to buy so that I stop wasting money, but who?

What am I doing wrong? Why can't I catch a fish?

Why can my mates, using the same gear as I do, catch fish and I don't? What do they know that would help me land a fish, not once, but often as I want? I need someone to show me how to use the gear I've got to start catching fish, but who?

Roger Osborne is the one person you need! 

To slash the time it takes to learn the art of fishing, Roger has set up a monthly membership program where he will guide you step-by-step to catch not just one fish, but many!

From Roger:

Hi, I'm Roger Osborne, Welcome to Australia's newest online fishing community

My fast track membership program is all about how I can help you to be a better fisherman or woman. Seeing your success is my greatest reward.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone like me who’s been fishing for decades, there is something for everybody.

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Three Weeks - 15 Training Videos

Roger has taken a lifetime of beach fishing experience and developed a step-by-step teaching system that works for even the most inexperienced. To prove these methods can work for anyone, Roger shares this system 15-part training program over three weeks. To ensure the best training possible, he has employed a professional video producer to film each lesson.

This is a great saving as Roger charges over $530 for a three-hour beach coaching session. Now you have access to Roger twice a month, plus his in-depth training for $19.90 a month!

SAVE $179.00 - Included with your membership!

A step-by-step guide to catching beach worms

Beach worms have to be one of the best and most consistent baits for beach and estuary fishing. Want to catch your own fresh beach worm bait but have no one to teach you exactly how to do it? Allow me to impart the knowledge that I have learned from more than 40 years of catching beach worms!

This is a great saving as Roger charges over $530 for a three-hour beach coaching session. Now you have access to Roger twice a month, plus his in-depth training for $19.90 a month!

SAVE $79.00 - Included with your membership!

Fortnightly Q & A Coaching

Once you start implementing Roger's training you will need the follow-up guidance of a fishing coach to ensure your fast-track to catching fish continues. Roger will be available each fortnight in a powerful interactive coaching session. You will have the opportunity to ask Roger any question. This will keep you in the driver's seat to implementing all you are learning! 

This is a great saving as Roger charges over $530 for a three-hour beach coaching session. Now you have access to Roger twice a month, plus his in-depth training for $19.90 a month!

SAVE $200.00 - Included with your membership!

To find out what Roger's Zoom sessions are like - play this video:


Recent feedback from Roger Osborne's students: 

Hey Roger! You wouldn't believe it! Finally, I was able to get some worms! 4 in total!

They weren't monsters, but they are beach worms nonetheless! Wouldn't have been possible without your course. Thanks, the system works!

I feel so special to have the ability to do this now. I look forward to passing the skill onto my daughter's when they are older!

- Noel, Sutherland, NSW

What did Matt Potter think about Rogers lesson?

"Catching beach worms by hand with my daughters had been on the bucket list," said Matt.

"Roger was such a patient, talented and passionate teacher who shared his years of experience to have us all catching worms in our first session.

"Being able to use live beach worms to fish has allowed our family to successfully catch a lot more fish. Thanks Roger."

What did Chris think about Roger's Lessons?

I've always loved collecting my own bait for a fishing session…pumping for nippers, prawning at night or finding a luscious stash of green weed is fun and gets one primed for a great day on the water, but, I've never had success with beach worming!!!

That all changed after a few hours with Roger in Ulladulla last week. With a few helpful tips and some guiding I was able to bag enough worms for a fish and left Roger confident that I could do it on my own. The next day, I caught 12 worms and the day after I bagged out. Thanks Roger, for a thoroughly enjoyable evening and an awesome week of beach fishing!!! 

-Christopher, Sydney, NSW

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I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the new members!
It was great to receive this feedback from you all:

  • Hello, I’m Les. I have been watching Rogers UTube videos for a while now and decided after tonight’s live screening to join the new community of fishos and learn from others and maybe add to the conversation.
  • Hi, I am Adran, I joined this community because I realised fishing is a shared knowledge activity and that having a mentor is a definite key for success.
  • Hi, awesome to be on board. I'm from western Sydney. My main goal is to learn to catch clean and cook to feed the family.. my fishing goal if to catch my first kingfish and my first tuna. Thanks, Kevin.
  • Hi all, Sam from the lower blue mountains here. Excited to be a part of the community! I have only recently properly started to get into fishing since watching some of Roger's videos and seeing that theres more to fishing than throwing a line in anywhere and hoping for the best. Now I'm starting to actually land some fish which is great! Hoping to gain more knowledge and some fisho mates along the way!
  • Hi, Johnny from Sydney wanting to know more about fishing. I'm a newbie and have not tried beach fishing before mainly river fishing with not much luck, hopefully, this will change.
  • Hi all, Bryan from Perth here. I like beach fishing but have little experience there so hoping to gain knowledge to up my game in this area. I’m sure my whole fishing experience will expand with everyone’s help and knowledge. Looking forward to see how this goes.
  • Hi - Les here, South Brisbane, land based at the moment.Nice to be here, and welcome to all. I am just starting out fishing, so have a lot of questions, looking forward to learning a lot from you all